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24 Hour Tire Shop - 2023

For all tire needs, Visit Abel’s Affordable Roadside in Springfield, MO

New And Used Tire Solutions: Save Money on Your Favorite Brands with Abel’s Affordable Roadside.

The #1 source for used tires in Springfield, MO, and Southwest Missouri, is Abel’s Affordable Roadside.

We provide a large selection of pre-owned tires from well-known manufacturers like Cooper, Michelin, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, and more. Our goal at Abel’s Affordable Roadside is to provide new and used tires from your favorite brands at a cost you can afford. Call to check on availability as we frequently expand our stock of old tires. If we don’t have the specific tire you’re looking for, we’ll find the closest match in our stock. Give us a call so we can simplify the process of buying used tires for you.

Services at Abel’s Affordable Roadside
Since we first opened our doors, Abel’s Affordable Roadside has been delivering superior tire services to the people of Southwest Missouri. To ensure that we deliver the greatest tire solutions for your vehicle’s unique demands, we make use of cutting-edge technologies. We provide a selection of brands at our locations if your car requires new tires. Some of our brands:

  • Michelin Tires
  • BF Goodrich Tires
  • Fuzion Tires
  • Kumho Tires
  • Toyo Tires
  • And many more!

Abel’s Affordable Roadside

Southwest Missouri needs a reliable auto repair shop. Our Springfield, Missouri location provides the complete range of our automotive services, including transmission repair and state emissions inspections. The list of services is below.

  • Repair of Air Filters
  • Replace heater hose
  • Aligning the wheels
  • Repairing tie rods
  • Fixing the timing belt
  • Also a lot more!

Call us right away if you have any inquiries about our services or locations! 

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